Our Austin Kids kung fu class encourages patience, self-discipline, personal responsibility, empowerment, fitness and of course, self-defense skill. We teach your children in a supportive and fun environment.

You will love to watch them grow and transform as they move up in rank through our system. There is nothing magical about getting a black belt; the magic is who your child becomes on the way to that goal.


Kung Fu Austin

Preparing for Rank Advancement

The Kung Fu Austin Adult Program works by transforming a person's fitness, energy, and flexibility. When you combine this new physical feeling with the positive mental state that comes from achieving and exceeding what you thought possible, you will find unbelievable confidence and personal power.

Kung Fu Austin teaches an effective form of self-defense that is 1500 years old. You become a new version of yourself on the path to reaching higher levels. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start, to become great.



Tai Chi is a slow-moving, mindfulness practice appropriate for adults of any age. It encourages relaxation, balance, deeper breathing, full-body awareness and smooth distribution of energy (Chi) throughout the body.

At Austin Tai Chi we move slow and gentle, but the energy and power you'll feel will amaze you. Our internal curriculum includes regular Chi Kung breathing exercises


Kung Fu Austin

A School Built By Parents

Kung Fu Austin Family

The Family that Kicks Together, Sticks Together!

Masters Joe and Sheryl Schaefer were the first to bring Shaolin-Do to Texas. They started their first school as graduate students at UT in 1991 with just a few students, and that has grown to thousands of black belts and schools in Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, Round Rock, Lakeway, and Dallas. Master Joe Schaefer has been training in Shaolin since 1983 and is currently a 7th degree black belt (Senior Master). Master Joe is also Doctor Joe with a PhD in Neurophysiology from UT with publications and awards to his name in the science world. Master Sheryl has been training in Shaolin since 1988 and is currently a 5th degree black belt (Associate Master). She also, is an accomplished scientist with a Masters Degree in Physiology from UT. Both of their children are advanced students in the school with Taylor as a 3rd degree black belt and current UT undergraduate student. Chris is testing for his black belt soon and is in middle school.

We believe strongly in families doing this together so we have fantastic family discounts. Two Members 20% OFF, 3 Members 30% OFF, 4 Members 40% OFF

Pictured Above: This is the newly restored Southern Shaolin Temple in Fuching, Fujian Province China. Master Joe took this picture when he visited in July 2015 with the Shaolin-Do Grandmaster. The Southern Temple is the birthplace of the Shaolin-Do lineage and Fuching is the ancestral hometown for Grandmaster Sin.

4 Reasons To Pick Kung Fu Austin

  1. MORE CLASSES: We want you to train as often as you can. We don't limit your schedule for our teaching convenience. Why Shaolin? Where else can you attend 10-13 fully instructed classes per week for one price? Most Schools in Austin Limit Your Training Time. They charge high prices but they set limits, rules and regulations on your attendance.
  1. MORE MATERIAL: We teach you more material. Shaolin-Do has more material to learn before reaching black belt than most schools teach in their entire curriculum. The skills and Shaolin forms are taught in a logical and progressive way, so that all students, regardless of their initial physical ability, will achieve skill levels beyond their expectations. Why Shaolin? Because you will not get bored, you will always find forms that work for your body type and personality and you will always grow.
  1. MORE TEACHERS: Excellent teachers. Each class has multiple instructors in order to provide a more personal learning environment. Students with previous martial art experience tell me that our school has an atmosphere like no other they have tried. We want every class to be a great experience for you. Why Shaolin? You will quickly find that everyone at our school loves what they do and loves to help you have a great class everytime!
  1. MORE SPACE: We provide well-equipped training spaces.The training spaces are large and safe. North & South Austin are floored with safety mats to protect joints and spines while training. They are both spacious with high ceilings. Why Shaolin? The atmosphere is clean, safe, inspiring and positive.

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