Master Joe


Master Joseph Schaefer brings more "to the table" than just about any other martial arts teacher you will ever encounter. He has over 30 years training in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He has been teaching the art since 1987, but he is also Dr. Schaefer and earned a Doctorate from the the University of Texas at Austin in 1997 in the field of Neurophysiology. In addition, he is successful entrepreneur and is a certified trainer in the neurofeedback-based training of Open Focus. He brings this diverse background in every class he teaches.


Picture To Left: Master Joseph is in Zilker Park practicing the form "flying tiger comes out of the cave".

You Can Bury Yourself In Comfort But Only Constant Challenge Leads To Growth And Transformation. My Lifelong Mission Is To Teach, Empower, Inspire And Connect With Those Around Me.

~Master Joseph Schaefer

Building A Special Community Austin Since 1991


A Small Portion of The Black belts under Master Joe Schaefer's Instruction

Master Joseph Schaefer has personally led over 600 students to black belt. Of those 600 almost 100 of them are still actively participating in classes and 8 of those students have worked for at least 15 years and achieved the rank of 5th degree associate master or higher, under his instruction.

He has trained more people to the level of black belt than most schools ever enroll as students. A tribute to his ability to live up to the words he speaks and lead others to become better people, as well as martial artists.

Some of Master Schaefer's Many Accomplishments

  • Has trained in Shaolin Kung Fu since 1984. His first instructor was Tony Gutman.
  • Has taught Kung Fu/ Tai Chi since 1987.
  • He was awarded 5th degree Black Belt in 1999, by Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé.
  • Was promoted to 6th degree black belt by Grandmaster Sin in February 2005.
  • Was promoted to 7th degree black belt in fall 2011.
  • Under Master Schaefer's direction, the number of Shaolin-Do students in Texas went from ZERO in 1991 to currently over 1300.He has personally produced over 500 black belt students (10 of them have opened their own schools).
  • He taught neurophysiology for 6 years at UT.
  • He received his Ph.D. (doctorate) in Neurophysiology from the University of Texas in 1997.
  • He was awarded young researcher of the year in 1996 (in the field of steroid hormones and neuroscience) and became a published Neuroscience author, in the most prestigious Neuroscience publication in the world.
  • He is one of only 13 regional Vice-Presidents of international Shaolin-Do Association (SDA).
  • He trained directly under Grandmaster Sin Kwang Thé from 1987-1994.
  • While he still trains under Grandmaster Sin 2 weeks a year, he has been a private student of Elder Master William Leonard since 1994.
  • He considers Elder Master Eric Smith a very important teacher as well.
  • He won first place and Grand Championship trophies in several national level full contact, point sparring and forms competitions.In 2003 he took 2nd place in the Master Sparring Division against 5th-7th degree black belts.
  • Has performed twice at the Shaolin Temple in Henan province and once in Chen Tai Chi village, where he fought a challenge match with a 3 times Chinese National Push Hands Champion, and nephew of the head coach.
  • He teaches over 200 traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi forms to his students (including at least 20 different weapons)
  • He was on the teaching faculty of the Academy of Oriental Medicine as the Chi Kung and Tai Chi instructor.